God doesn’t want you


Are you living on the outside and unsaved because you think God doesn’t want you?

Are you under the impression that you’re just too bad or that you’ve done too many awful things to be saved?

Let’s get this straight.

It’s not that you’re too bad, too awful, or too sinful to be saved.

It’s that you’re too stubborn!

If you aren’t good with God — that is, if you haven’t been saved — it’s not because God doesn’t want you. It’s because you’ve chosen to not want Him!

It’s not that you can’t be saved. It’s that you won’t be saved.

It’s not His fault. It’s yours.

Or, to put it into modern dating vernacular, it’s not Him, it’s you.

In other words, He hasn’t rejected you; you’ve rejected Him.

Please understand that there’s hope for you and He will never reject you.

Just a quick scan of God’s history with mankind reveals a lot of bad characters who messed up terribly, and yet God saved them all. He’s never rejected anybody who’s asked to have a relationship with Him.

Consider King David. Among his resume bullets, you would see entries for adulterer, murderer, liar. He admitted his guilt, turned from his sins, asked God to forgive him, and God did. Saved!

On another day, a woman who had been caught in the very act of adultery was brought to Jesus as He sat teaching in the temple. Her sentence under the law espoused by the bloodthirsty mob was to be death by stoning. She neither denied the charges nor begged for mercy, but Jesus had compassion and He delivered her from the hands of her accusers. “I do not condemn you either. Go. From now on sin no more.” Saved.

Oh, and then there’s the apostle Peter. Right when Jesus needed a friend more than ever, Peter denied — not just once, but three times; even with curses and oaths — that he even knew the man he’d been following around for three years. After Jesus rose from the grave, He forgave Peter. Saved.

Even those who were complicit in the murder of Jesus were on the receiving end of His plea to the Father for forgiveness. Even as they cursed and mocked Him, He reached out with love. “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”

And of course there’s the thief on the cross, hanging next to Jesus. This thief had been condemned to death for his crimes and his sins earned him the second death, but when he called out to the pitiful figure dying there in the middle, “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom,” Jesus responded with the assurance that they’d be together in paradise that very day. Saved!

Later, as the church began to grow, it was ravaged by a devout Pharisee named Saul. Much like what we see today with radical Islamists torturing and murdering Christians, Saul was wreaking absolute havoc on the church. The early history says he was “breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord.” Going from city to city, Saul was dragging Christians out of their houses in chains and imprisoning them. Long story, short, Saul — known later as the apostle Paul — was blinded by the light, but then he saw “the light,” believed that Jesus was who He claimed to be, turned from his sins, and was immersed (aka, baptized) to wash away his sins. Saved.

Now, tell me again what you’ve done that is so bad you can’t be saved.

Here are a few facts that you should be interested in.

We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and there’s nothing we can do based on our own merits or strength to take away that guilt.

Our sins have earned us death, but God offers instead the FREE gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Eternal life is a FREE gift, but because He loves you, God will never force you to accept it.

It’s yours for the taking, but He’s not going to coerce you to receive it.

Think logically AND emotionally for just a moment.

Can you force somebody to love you?

Can anybody force you to love them?

If you answered “NO” and “NO,” then you’re right times two.

Love cannot be forced. That’s assault, not affection.

So the ball’s in your court. The choice is yours and yours alone.

Why not accept God’s FREE gift right now?

He’s had plans for your salvation since before you were born and He’s reaching out to you now.

Grab God’s outstretched hand and accept His FREE gift of salvation today.